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Have Allergies? Mold growing on your older A/C unit like the one pictured below?

Honeywell UV Lights are installed to prevent this nasty organism. If your coil looks like this, it would need a thorough cleaning and recommend a UV light to prevent it. When you have mold like this, it's taking away from the efficiency of your A/C system. It blocks majority of the coil which is where all the cold air comes from.. If it worsens it cause no cooling and also helps aid corrosion faster.

Ultraviolet Systems Zap airborne germs and prevent mold spore growth on air conditioning coils.

Air Treatment System:

Installed in the return air duct, the Air Treatment System kills a high percentage of airborne germs circulating through the forced cooling system.

Surface Treatment System:

When installed next to the cooling coil, the Surface Treatment System prevents a high percentage of the growth of micro-organisms such as mold that may grow on duct surfaces, coils and drain pans.

Honeywell UV 100E Ultraviolet Systems

Air conditioners can be excellent mold breeding grounds. Dust gets deposited on the coil fins, then becomes damp because air conditioners condense water out to the air. Damp dust is a medium for growing mold. The mold may not grow all that well when the air conditioner is running and cold, but between cycles, and during longer periods when the air conditioner is not needed, the mold can grow quickly.