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Are You Cooling Your Attic?

  • The picture above is from a home in Kilohana Ridge that is only few years old. The ducts were falling apart. Cooling the attic causes the A/C to run for much longer periods than it should. The resulting electric bill could be huge.
  • It is critical when a new installation is done that the ductwork is DONE-RIGHT! Poor workmanship can cause an air conditioning nightmare.
  • 3 out of the 4 A/C units that we have recently serviced in Kilohana Ridge had ducts which were falling apart like this. What do yours look like? You need to know!

Here is the way we connect our ductwork:

The shiny silver on the a/c unit is the starter collar

A metal ductboard start collar is fastened to the air handling unit.

Here you can see the metal circles that hold the ductwork in place

The ductwork is placed onto the start collar and securely fastened by placing screws through retainer washers and into the metal collar to hold the duct in place. The weight of the duct is supported on the other end with a secure strap.

Final Product

The duct is sealed to the air handling unit with foil tape to prevent the loss of any cooled air on the supply side, or the intake of any hot attic air on the return side. This duct will not come loose.

Having it DONE-RIGHT

will save you money on your electric bill.

Please read what one of your neighbors had to say about DONE-RIGHT Air Conditioning:

"Two weeks ago I had you and your service people check out my malfunctioning air conditioning system. After a lengthy inspection with great digital pictures, your crew changed out the torn ducts and fixed other problems. What a difference in my home now. The temperature level is evenly the same throughout the house.

It was indeed a pleasure working with you and your crew. Tidy and clean from start to finish. I would highly recommend your company to anyone."

---Karen E. Levy, 135 Ahekolo St.

Call us today at 871-0999 to schedule an inspection and one of our

exhaustive 21-point Precision Tune-Ups. Make sure your system is in top operating condition before the summer heat arrives!

And if your ducts need reinforcement, you can have it DONE-RIGHT for a small additional charge. The money you save on electricity just this summer will pay for the repairs!